Learn About Google Glasses And Its Working?

Google Glass:
Google’s wearable computer that a person is worn like a pair of eyeglasses is known as Google’s glass. Also known as project glass. Basically it is an optical head-mounted display. Google glass
is simply an evolution of Smartphone providing a way to freely access the data without looking
at a handheld device. Google glass can be controlled using the side touch-pad of the device.

Now humans have been able to control a major and the important piece of scientific technology
without having a worry about their hands .In following paragraph I am going to describe the
working of Google glass.
Glass is a headset containing a small display that rest on our right eye. This headset can be
attached to prescription glasses or can worn independently. This display is for ensuring us about
the incoming calls, emails and other notifications. The projected display is set to a resolution of
640*360 pixels. We will need to synchronize it with a Smartphone to work properly otherwise
glass interface does not work alone. There are two ways to control our glass interface. We can
control it with the side touch-pad or we can use voice commands which help us to instruct the
glass. Google glass contains touch-pad (located on the side of the glass, which allows users to
control the device by swiping, swiping forward shows past events like photos or phone calls and
swiping backward shows currents events like weather etc) battery, CPU including speakers and
microphones and camera for 720p HD videos and photos of 5 megapixels quality,a prism(visual
layer) and the most important is its display. Its explorer version uses a liquid crystal on silicon
(L Cos),a field-sequential color system and LED illuminated display.  Google’s glass main
function is based on a mini projector with a prism. In humans eyeball there is a retina, forgave
(sharp vision) and an optic nerve. When a person wears this glass a visual layer is placed over
reality and via a prism, the layer is projected directly onto the retina of the human’s eye. The
position of a layer depends on how we wear Google glass. Visual focus must be there. Greater
distance does not feel and look as if wearing glasses.
In short, Google glass is a technical masterpiece which works with the help of a projector and a
very clever prism that objects the image directly on the retina. It is light weighted and also
available with replacement nose pads for any accidental damage.
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