Learn About the history Dos To Windows Releases ?

WINDOWS Releases information
  The development of windows start with the different operating system developed by the Microsoft.
Window was used  first time in the IMB which is also called MS-DOS
Initial version of DOS 1.0 was released in august 1981.this version of window consisted on 4000 lines of assembly language source code and ran in 8 Kbytes of memory using the Intel 8086 microprocessor.
Microsoft released the second version of DOS 2.0 in 1983.This version support the hard disk and different directories.First a disk could contain only one directory of files. maximum  64 files lie in this directory.  The new release of  allowed directories to contain subdirectories as well as files.The memory portion grew to 24 Kbytes.
In 1894 the next version DOS 3.0 was introduced. It contained the Intel 80286 processor,which provided extended addressing and memory protection features To remain compatible with previous releases the operating system simply used the 80286 as a "fast 8086."In this the memory portion was grew up to 36 kbytes .S
everal upgrades done in dos 3.0.
DOS 3.1 released 1n 1984.this version contain the networking between the this version the memory portion was not this the memory portion was same as in DOS 3.0.
DOS 3.3, released in 1987, provided support for the new line of IBM machines. The resident portion at this stage had grown to a minimum of 46 Kbytes, with more required if certain optional extensions were selected.
 In 1990, Microsoft had a version of the GUI, known as Windows 3.0. Microsoft developed the operating system from the ground up.window NT(3.1).this was a new 32.bit operating system with supporting the previous DOS.After several version of window was released NT 4.0
NT 4.0 has essentially the same internal architecture as 3.x.the notable external change is that NT 4.0 provides the same user interface as Windows 95.
In 2000, Microsoft introduced the next major upgrade, now called Windows 2000. Windows 2000 is the distinction between Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 desktop. the kernel and executive architecture and services remain the same, but Server includes some services required to use as a network server. In 2001 the latest  version of Windows was released, known as Windows XP. In 2003, Microsoft introduced a new server version, known as Windows Server 2003; both 32-bit and 64 bit versions are available.
Now a days we are use different version of windows like.
· window 7.
· window 8 and window 8.1.
recently the Microsoft released the new version of window  which is known as
 window is available both in 32-bit and 64 bit versions.

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