Learn About Ubuntu Operating System and its Packages?

What is Ubuntu?
Ubuntu is a Debian based Linux operating system and use for personal computer, smartphone and network servers or Ubuntu is a zero-cost operating system based on Debian Gnu/Linux.

·       Ubuntu is built on Debiant’s infrastructure and architecture work for smartphones, desktop and phone

·       These versions released every six month and receive free support for nine month’s with all kind of bugs.

·       The first version released October 2004.

Design principal:
·       Only one way recommended complete the installation task and this task promotes consists documentation   and supports.

·       This operating system work properly without additional steps.

·       Feature should be easily   discover able.


Ø Ubuntu packages are created in Debian format. This packages consist a.dsc for control file, a.taz.gz for tarball and an.orig.tar.gz tarballs plus.

Ø Specific change are done by logged in Debian /change log as usual, with ubuntu1, ubuntu2 etc. Are being appended for a version number or Ubuntu1 is appended of a upstream version that upstream version fulfill requirement which was the version required.

Ø Ubuntu was originally by taking a copy of lesbian unstable and version was emerged in Ubuntu for resale of a new Ubuntu version cycle in order to make a good use of effort available  in the Debi an development community.

Quick and straightforward installation is very    important to Ubuntu and it is ability to installation images with minimum human interruption.
·       We use two types installers design:

Ø The second way to install supporting mechanism up to and include Ubuntu 5.10 and is still support second mechanism for desktop install and primary mechanism for other server application.

Ø It is stared with small self-hosting intimal Ram-disk for using extra.

Ø The desktop installers was introduced Ubuntu 6.06 and it is called primary mechanism promoted for desktop user’s.

Ø It is consists on a cd and operates by coping all the contents of the live file system to the target system and making small configuration.

Ø All Ubuntu installation start out with an invocation DE bootstrap itself all packages with priority: required and priority: important, which are set form the expansions of the required and minimal seeds respectively.
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