Learn about world,s most advanced mobile operating system(iOS) Architecture ?

world’s most advanced mobile OS.
iOS (originally iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created by Apple company. It is the second most popular mobile operating system in the world after Android. Apple's App Store contains more than 1.4 million iOS applications, 725,000 of which are for iPads. The current release, iOS 9.2, was released on December 8, 2015.
iOS Architecture:
In the structure of iPhone we looked at the hardware. When we develop apps for the iPhone, Apple does not allow us direct access to any of this hardware. In fact, all hardware communication takes place through a number of different layers of software that act as completely between the applications and device hardware. These layers made a system that we called operating system. In the world of iPhone, this operating system is known as the iPhone OS.
An Overview of the iPhone OS Architecture:
As discussed above, the iPhone OS consists of a number of different software layers, each provides programming frameworks for the development of applications that run on top of the operating system.

These layers are as follows:
1- The iPhone OS Cocoa Touch Layer
2- The iPhone OS Media Layer
3- The iPhone OS Core Services Layer
4- The iPhone OS Core OS Layer

 The iPhone OS Cocoa Touch Layer
The Cocoa Touch layer contains the frameworks that are most commonly used by iPhone application developers. Cocoa Touch is basically written in Objective-C, is based on the standard Mac OS X Cocoa API and has been extended and modified to meet the needs of the iPhone.
 The iPhone OS Media Layer
The role of the Media layer is to provide the iPhone OS with audio, video, animation and graphics facilities. As with the other layers cover the iPhone OS stack, the Media layer contains a number of frameworks that can be utilized when developing iPhone apps.
 The iPhone OS Core Services Layer
The iPhone Core Services layer provides much of the base on which the above layers are built.

 The iPhone OS Core OS Layer

The Core OS Layer is the bottom layer of the iPhone OS stack. This layer provides a variety of services including low level networking, access to external accessories and the usual fundamental operating system services such as memory management, file system handling and threads.
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