Learn Basic Difference Between 2G and 3G Technology ?

2G and 3G Network Technology.

2nd generation and 3rd generation technologies signify the second and third generation technologies which is used in wireless communication. Now a days require for communication has resulted in many principles for mobile communication.The 2nd generation and 3rd generation are central standards in which develop the mobile communication industry in previous few years. Both of  the standards underline on differ  targets and as a result various technologies have been introduced.

2G (GSM) Technology:
2nd generation is also known as Universal System for Mobile communication is also known as 2nd generation which is the first stair towards the digital wireless communication over presented analog mobile communication established.Technology standard was first introduce in 1991 and from that onward many contributor has grown up over 200 million. In GSM the several techniques used are TDMA which means Time Division Multiple Access and FDMA which means Frequency Division Multiple Access so that many contributors are allowed to make calls at a given time. The cell idea is also introduced here and each cell is dependable for covering a small area. Range consumption for
GSM falls in to several bands like GSM 900 and GSM 1800 used in areas like Europe and Asia etc and GSM 850 and GSM 1900 used main in Canada & USA. In this technology for the first time sim is introduced and  more protected and apparent communication was recognized. This has been embraced in the all world and at present the most area of the globe is enclosed with GSM.

3G Technology:
3rd generation is the mobile standard requirement unrestricted which is well match with the IMT specifications for multimedia supporting. Since the GSM air interface data rates are not enough to afford high quality multimedia applications through mobile phones 3g stipulation is freed and covered way for the next generation standard. Applications like high speed internet, video calls. Video streaming and video conferencing, and location based services can given to the mobile phone. The first 3g network was commercially launched in 2001.The air interface technology which is also known as the multiple access technique is a Code Division Multiple Access CDMA called as WCDMA in which applies a bandwidth of 5Mhz donating high data rates. Also the other CDMA technologies like CDMA2000 & CDMA2000-1x and EV-DO are used in different area over the whole world. The data rates for the 3g  of 2Mbps for stationary mobile users.

Difference between 2G and 3G Technologies:
 2nd generation is the GSM specification planned for allowing mobile communication for voice and 3rd generation is the specification for mobile communication with better potentialities for mobilee user other than voice. GSM air interface data rate is 270 Kbps and 3g allow a minimum of 2MBPs down-link in stationary mobile and 384 Kbps while moving. GSM used TDMa & FDMa for multiple access technology and 3G utilizes.
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