Learn Basic Difference between Web-designing and Web-development?

Web designing :
Web designing is the customer feting part of web site. A Web designing is the consider who it side a site look and How customer interact with it . A good Web designing is the Briefly shows the customer that will be attracted to our web site Who to photo graph to create a sit that will be considered that They also understand but and how to create a site. That the customer want as it, and not feel the negatively around  A because it is easy to so do about the site. Web designing is almost consider a client website as it considered. So this way we sure that a client make site with some reels make a site of Web designing.
 Principles of Web designing :
Balance :
It is important for a web designer to create a balance in there web site. When we create the balance in the web site the client when we see Our web site will be attractively .We refer heavy and alight elements in our web site. Using the correct preposition in our sit for a client .
 This will be very important for a web designer that contras Will be accurate .in a color theory will be accurate .
Also clad consistency and rhythm called is the consistent is very Important . When a web designer create a web site with a consist Then the attractively both site.
Unity is the relationship of the vinous part of the web site lay out And components as a hole .So this why when we create all thing in our website then in international  level we see that the our site will be approached in concern.
Web development:
Web development is a beck end of a web site. The programing and interaction of a page .A web developer focused on it site. The customer who it done it .Web developer some time called programmer. Talk a designer and full fill the fully functional of designer. When a designer make a web site in other functional is not full Fill the functionality .
A web developer may convert  a static lay out in the observation site And then the client customer site .They active stat for a link and boaters and then the create it them self And some time they convert the other elements in the web site A web developer designed a program in the programing language.

Then they see the all elements in the contact based in the web development.
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