Learn Basic Difference difference between various tags that is div, span, ol(order list), ul(unorder list) and Frame?

 Div enclose in block and span enclosed in a portion of context as line.

 Div,s is more universal than frame.implementation of frame is difficult in .css but div is

easy to implement.

 Layers of div can simply applied on top of each other but the frame is rewriting the


 Div  is used to define a section in HTML is also used to group a large section

 Order list is list item where each item marked with number or letter. there is a end tag

of ol which is used to close a order list .list item is used within the ol.

 The span width depend upon content where div does not.

 .div is used to divided a section and span apply some kind of style.

 useful style of div is inline block .inline block is used to get a success in game web


  where span tag is used to provide additional structure to HTML document.In in line

elements that is used to group  and apply style

 .frame used to display a web page.web page may consist of many frame. frame are used

to break a web page in many section.

 .frame tag is used to specify webpage which display in the frame.

 div is  block element.

 span is  inline.

 Div and span used to define a part of document so this is identifiable when no HTML

element is suitable.

 Div tag also supports additional attributes.

 <span></span> can be used within <p></p>tags but <div> is not.

 Span is perfect for in line styling like coloring a single word in sentence but div is

containing element.

 <div>create line break but <span> does not.

 <div>define a section when <frame > define a particular area.

Which means to work with them semantically, div should be employed to encapsulate sections

of any report, while ranges should be employed to encapsulate small amounts of text message,

photographs, and so on.

<div>This a big key division, having <span>a small bit</span> of spanned text message! </div>

You cannot make use of div along with amount semantically since they have zero this means

that come with them. div is really a meaningless general block levels elements while amount is

really a meaningless general inline element.

Inside HTML, course and in addition div elements are employed in order to outline areas of the

latest file in order that they usually are familiar while absolutely no additional HTML element

works. Even though additional HTML elements which include s (paragraph), em (emphasis) and

the like effectively symbolize the particular semantics on the content, using course and in

addition div plays a role in greater source with regard to audience and in addition less difficult

maintainability with regard to authorities. Whereby absolutely no recent HTML element will be

important, course and in addition div can easily valuable symbolize areas of the latest file

ensuring HTML functionality which include variety, zero.,lang, or possibly Dir can be wear.

course provides a terrific inline proportion of an brand new file, by way of example terminology

within a expression. div provides the latest block-level proportion of an brand new file for

example a few grammatical development, or possibly a picture having a caption. Certainly not

element owns just about any therefore on it's own nevertheless they enable semantic

functionality (e. h. lang="en-US"), CSS doing you hair (e. h. pigmentation, typography) or

possibly client-side scripting (e. h. anime, hiding, augmentation) to be wear. You are able to

arranged the kind of round while on an goods down the middle of your own record by just

location the kind quality associated with an li content label.
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