Learn Difference Between 4G and 4G-LTE?

The international tale communication union radio is the united nation official agency for all manners of information and communication technologies which decide the specification that will be acierate for the 4G standard in March 2008 .The 4G technology is the scour to the  3G  technology’s. This provides the still buildings before the out of  4G  network so the past time in speed the  $G  speed is much festally to the  3G  speed. So that it is very important to understand to the speed of 4G that the different version of  4G  .When we talking about the  4G can little confusion basically there is  4G  and  4G  LTE .Many people consider LTE  to be  4G  turn of technologies. It provide the  $g network without mentioning of the  LTE network . there are problem talking about high speed so when we see the speed of  4G  network of then about of  3G  network is to absolutely the LTE is comely considered to be the finally completion. Basically if we see that then comparison so we see the spelt point of wine that the  LTE  is the very spacial to the  G  network  so the  4G  network is considered with the  LTE  . when we see speedily term of information yen the after ten time speedily to then the  3G  network due to the work observation means that the when moves downloading speed the observe  then we consider this all thing that the   LTE   is the highly speed to the  3G  network .These days there are lot of design of make the when we getting a new phone of new derision and android version. Which along with decided to best of you and we can see the many traffic on the new network for the observation ten the to copulate the highly speed., we can see the complex business in itself. So we can say that the   4G is the latest Buzzword that we can will hear see.But abstractly at  4G  .It is  same  is  LTE In a word phone menu future and mobile network operator and use then further money technologies in the manufacturing in the word observation. Thought originally marked at  4G  technologies . LTE  long term evolution did nit softly to the orbited on the  4G  network. How to the marketing pressure to the  LTE  bring the  then  3G  technologies after then the speedily of ten time to the  3G  network. So  Let is the first generation of the  4G  technologies . that should be throaty reach speed of  100Mbit/s around about this.
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