Learn Difference between javaScript and Jscript?

Java and J Script is very similar two names, but they are totally different languages that possess and run the different application. Java Script does not permit programmers to create standalone applications, or applications that can run by themselves that are not included in another language, while Java is a complex language that allows programmers to create entire standalone applications, or applications that run all buy themselves. Java Script is a much simpler language, similar in structure to HTML, and thus, Java Script is much easier to learn, but it must
always be included in another text.
JScript is Microsoft's version of JavaScript. The programming language itself is very similar to ECMAScript, but the DOM access differs in many respects  is an open implementation of  JavaScript. Script is a high-performance scripting language designed to create active online content for the World Wide Web. Script allows developers to link and automate a wide variety of objects in web pages, including active controls and Java programs. Microsoft Internet explorer is designed to interpret script embedded into web pages. Script is Microsoft’s dialect of the ECMAScript standard that is used in Microsoft’s Internet explorer. Script is implemented as an active scripting engine. This means that it can be "plugged in" to OLE automation applications that support active Scripting, such as Internet explorer, active server pages, and windows script Host. It also means such applications can use multiple active scripting.
Java Script

JavaScript is the common term for a combination of the ECMA Script programming language plus some means for accessing a web browser's windows and the document object model . Most elements that appear on web pages are Java Script objects. The syntax of Java Script is very similar to that of HTML, making it easy to learn. Furthermore, it is , meaning that the computer reads the language in sequence, performing each step in the order in which it was written. Java Script differs from HTML in that it is object oriented; while HTML includes attributes within an element's definition, Java Script links the object and the property, allowing one to be changed. For example, if you have a document and you want to change the background color, you would work with the document. Use Java Script with single lines of code placed within , or  more difficult functions contained within or before  tags. Java Script is also an object oriented programming language.
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