Learn What is External Style Sheet and its Advantages and Disadvantages ?

External style sheet

External style sheet is define in  separate file which is store in .css extension.when style  applied

on many page than external style sheet used.if any change in.css then it will be effected on

every webpage.external style sheet is linked HTML document using <link> tag.<link> tag written

inside the head.external style sheet is simply text file containing a list of css rules set.this file is

saved a.css extension

Advantage of external style sheet

 we can control several document at once through external style sheet.

 External  style sheet is most use full when we work many people to creat a web site.

 Different style rules is difficult to remember so we can easily perform through

 Using different HTML elements we creat different classes.

 We can easily group aur style to be more efficient.

 All grouping method that are availableincss which is used  external style sheet.

 It provide more flixbilty on aur page.

 Including the styling of text in separate file we can easily drease the size of file.

 Full control of page structure.

 Higher page ranking

 With external style sheetwe can change the look entire website by changing one file

 External style sheet provide a greatest convience most developer.

 We can creatglobel style sheet for our site and attach this sheet via a <link> tag

 Using external style sheet classes can be created that can be used many HTML

 Selector and grouping mathed can be used if some style are under comlex context.

 It most efficient then in line style sheet.

 Using external style sheet multipal document controlled from one file.

 We can simply open aur external .cssinourfavourit text editor and changed the name

external style sheet.

elements type  multiple document

and size and then save and upload ihe file in our  server. Every page is changed with

newly formate. If we do not like new look we can easly changed it back with second.

 External style sheet reduce the risk of coding error.

 If we do not use external css there is a chance of coding error

 If any mistake in external css file there is no problem we can solved a problem easily

just open it in text editor correct the bad code and save it and then upload it your


 It only done on server if your service allow you to edit your site from control panel

and cane edit a style sheet using text editor and upload on server.

Disadvantage of external style sheet.

 It increase the download time if we link a lot of them.

 External style sheet increase complexty of page if you only a small num of style

 Iextra download is requied to import style information for each document.

 Running document may be delayed until external style sheet load.

 External style sheet render in sequence after mark up.

 The disadvantage of of external sheet is that it is quite segnificient.

 If some one saves webpage and not know about style sheet r does not know how it is

checked so thy will go with a copy of web page and then look  a awful.

 It is not visible for small num of style definition

 It is not possible to render the document until the external style sheet is loaded.

 External style sheet is not  working in crome or opera.

 All work find in opera r chrome when it was internal then I copied and moved it to

external style sheet.
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