Learn What is JavaScript’s this keyword?

The most powerful keywords of JavaScript unluckily it is use to hard if you don’t exactly know how it works. If we execute do something any preparation the keyword is provides to the window &the function tries to change style. The window doesn’t have object style the function fails & produce JavaScript error. This is like as reference to function something (). This keyword is not present in the on click method so it doesn’t refer to the HTML element.
JavaScript’s ‘this’ Keyword:
Commonly used feature of JavaScript is the “this”, it is often also one of the most confused any misinterpreted feature of the language. The “this” keyword is not new those who have programming other language & more many time then not is provided to the new object create a class via its constructor. For example if have a class boat(),which has a method move boat(),when providing to “this” inside of move boat() method, We are actually accessing the newly created object of boat().In JavaScript we also have this concept inside a constructor when it is unintentional the ”new” keyword it is not only the rule and this can many time provide to a different object from a different execution context. You use the keyword this in the global context (not inside a function) it always provides to the global object. The first thing you must realize is that the value of the inside any function is never static it is always resolute every time you call a function but before the function executes its code. The value of this inside a function is refers to the parent scope in which the function called? & more importantly how the actual function syntax was written?

A function is called we must look at the nearest left side of the brackets or” ()”.if one the left side of the () we can see a reference, then the value of this boat passed to the function call is exactly of the object belongs to, otherwise it is global object.
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