Learn what is Unix ?

Unix is a multi processing and multi user computer operating system that drive from the original AT & T .Unix is a register trade mark of  the open group . nix operating system run on wide variety of digital  architecture and commonly used on web server,mainframe and super resent smart phone,tablet and personal computer running versions or variants of Unix have increasingly popular . The original UNIX  operating system was developed at AT & A’s BELL LABS research center in 1969. Unix was developed using a high level programming language instead of specific assembly  language.Unix also devolved as a self-contained software system,comprising the operating system,development environment,utilities,documentation and modifiable source code . Unix and its variants become an important teaching and learning tool used in academic setting Unix was meant to be a programmer’s work bench to be used for developing software to be run on multiply platform and used to run application software. Unix was designed to be portable multi-asking and multi-user in a time sharing configuration by the early 1980 user began seeing Unix as a potential universal operating system,suitable computer of all sizes .Unix operating system are widely used in server,workstation and mobile device. Unix operating system are widely used in internal server.the Unix environment and client server program model were essential element in the development of the internet.Both Unix and C programming language were developed by AT & T and distributed to government and academic institution.

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