Learn working Difference in WiFi and Bluetooth?

A lot of people may be too shocked to ask what the difference is between the two widely used forms of wireless data transmission. So, we will differentiate these two technologies now, both “WiFi” and “Bluetooth” are found in almost every laptop, tablet and smartphone. But they are different, and used for different things. They can on and active at the same time, doing these different things, you can also use each. One separately.
Working of WiFi:  
                        Which originally meant “Wireless fidelity" is primarily about connecting one or more devices to the internet, or creating a local wireless network that can link multiple devices. It depends on a control base station (or multiple stations) that sends out a network signal strong enough and wide enough to cover, say, an office or home a coffee shop or even an airport or a restaurant.
                        The working technique in this technology is that the wireless router installed by the internet service provider in a restaurant. It sent out the signals through invisible internet “rays” around the restaurant that can be tapped into by any mobile laptop or tablet with the range to get online.
Bluetooth:   (And its Working)
                        Bluetooth is much shorter – range, usually around 30 feet maximum. It rarely does not depend o any central device like a router. It is almost always used to connect two devices together in some useful way.
                        One example of the Bluetooth is the wireless speaker and smart phone. The phone and speaker talk directly to each other ove Bluetooth other examples of Bluetooth’s are wireless headsets for making phone calls, or wireless keyboard and mic for computers and tablet.
                        WiFi can also act like Bluetooth, connecting two devices directly over a short range. A version called WiFi direct does this. It can transfer photos and files between nearby devices, just like Bluetooth.
                        So, we can say that Bluetooth is a short range wireless solution for pairing one device with another, we use WiFi has greater range and works with multiple device.
                        Some further differentiation between “Bluetooth and WiFi” is on the next page in the form of table.

Major application
2.4 Ghz
2.4 Ghz
Data transmit rate
800 kbps
100 mbps
Key Users
Travelling Employee
Corporate Capures
Power Utilization
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