Learn About semantic HTML? And how to use it?

Semantic HTML is HTML that introduces meaning to the web page rather than just presentation.
Semantic HTML is used  to show the importance or reinforce the semantics.Semantics are meaning of the information which is provided in web applications or pages instead of define its look or presentation. Semantic HTML is progressed by web browser as by many other users. It is used to recommended its presentation to human users.
Suppose a <p> tag indicates that the closed text is a paragraph. These are semantic and prepositional, because people know about what a “paragraph” is and browsers know that  how to display them.
               The advantage of writing semantic HTML commence from the goal of a web page that how to communicate. By adding  semantic  bookmarks to  documents, you are providing  additional information  about  the document, such document  adds in communication. In semantic HTML we talk all the time about how to better communicate both visually and verbally. We can also talk about making consequential  and using design primary  to help your users understand your content. In semantic HTML we can make code behind websites which is more meaningful. Semantics (adj.) of or relating to meaning, especially in language the meaning or conjunction of meanings of a sign or sect of signs when people say they want to make object more semantic, they simply want to make that thing more meaningful.
                Semantic HTML is using HTML to emphasize structural meaning. It is about using class names, ids and tags that are used to reinforce the meaning of the fulfilled with in the tags. When content is a passage of text you mark it up with passage tags. When you have a list of elements  you use list tags. If there is some order to the list items you use an organized list and when the order is not complex you use an unordered list. Each of the tags considered is semantic as they specify the content inside the tag.
              Semantic HTML is about applying tags in the right way. A block quote exists to hold a quote inside, not because some bit of text needs to be paragraphed. How something attentions has nothing to do with what it means. The former is used for meaning and construction, but the latter is used for how we present that meaning and construction. In HTML we write an article with a main heading and a few subheadings. We could easily place several of the headings in a div  add a id or class and style that div in any way.
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