What Function of Hoisting in javaScripts?

 Function of Hoisting in javascript:
Function of Hoisting in javascript: Hoisting is JavaScript's default behaving language to  moving that declare  to the top. In which javaScripts work as moving of variable declarations. There are many ways for ddeclaringg hoisting.JavaScript Declarations are Hoist id  JavaScript, a variable cn’t  be declared after it has been used.In other words.A variable can be used before it has been declared.Hoisting  as  JavaScript's default behavior of moving all declarations to the top of the current scope (to the top of the current script or the current function).examplle are given below that show the declaration javascripts.
Var x; // declaration
X=45.67; // assign values
Hoisting is an outlooked or overlooked behaviors of JavaScript.If a developer doesn't understand hoisting, programs may describes errors. To free of error, it always declared all variables at the starting of every scope. How ever JavaScript disturb the code, it is always a good rule.
All variable declarations are hoisted lifted to the starting point  of the function, if defined in a function, or if outside a function.Most important point is  to know that only variable declarations are hoisted to the starting point, not variable initialization , when the variable is assigned a value.
Var start;
Start = “OK” ;
In the upper coding that  we first line  declares variable  and  then we assign the value “OK” to it. And in the second line of code we see that thes can be combined. But what you need to think in mind is, even they see as  like one statement on other side  JavaScript engine behave that single statement as two separate statements, just like in the first two  different lines in the example. We find  know that any variable declared to find find declare to it. But what we don’t know is that no matter where variables are assigned within a power full scope, all variables declarations are moved to the top of their scope on global or local. This is called Hoisting as the variable declarations are hoisted to the upper of the scope. Note that hoisting only moves the declaration.
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