What is Prototype function in Java ?

A prototype is an object of any type which is used to construct future copies of it.”

Just like cars in a factory. First engineers design and construct a prototype and, when done, its manufactured in series.
Prototypal inheritance:
“In most languages, there are classes and objects. Classes inherit from other classes.”
Var animal= {
Walk: function ()
Console.log (‘walking…’);

Function ()
Console.log (‘eating…’);
Var person=function ()
This. Talk=function ()
Console.log (‘hello…’);
Person. Prototype=animal;

Person. Prototype=animal;
Var David=new person ();
//now we can do…
David .talk ();//hello!;
//but we can also do… ();//eating…
David. Walk (); //walking…
But if we look inside the newly created “david” object; you’ll can see there are not “eat” and “walk” methods.
How it is doing:
By using prototype chain
Console.dir (David);
Talk: function () {…}
Walk: function () {…}
Eat: function () {…}
-Proto-: object
When you call a function or access a member, javascript looks into the first level of the prototype chain; if it doesn’t exist it looks into the second level, then third…and so on.
It stops looking when fixed a null-proto- property in our example,
Prototype chain:
Searching for a member in the prototype chain.
Exist “eat” function in David second level?

Exist “eat” function in David’s 1st level?

David eat ()                                         No                                                                                        
                                       Yes                                               yes
A prototype is an internal object from which other objects inherit properties. Its main purpose is to allow multiple instances of an object to share a common property. Thus, object properties which are defined using the prototype object are inherited by all instances which reference it.
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