Learn About What is Optical Media and its Examples?

 Optical media it is a flat a circular Disk. Optical disk is a storage media can store data for a long time.Optical media read and write data in the form of digital. It includes various CD and DVD variation.Optical disk uses laser technology to read and write data. Optional disk laser detects the presence of pit.The presence of pit represents and absence of pit represent o. The capacity of optical disk is 650 MB to several GB. CD and DVD are a type of optical media.

CD stands for compact Disk. 
It is used to store data in the form of audio and video.CD drive can be read
CD and Philip developed the first generation of CD.
Type of CD:
1:  CD ROM 
2: CD R 
3: CD RW                                                                                                                                                    
 CD ROM: stands for compact disk read only memory .it can only read data that store in CD ROM not nothing else .it can store 1gb of data .2:CD R stands for compact disk recordable .The store data in CD R can be read any time but also write only one time .3:CD RW: stands for compact disk  Rewriteable.The user can write data on CD RW many time to erase the current data .its common type that are used in CD RW is magneto optical disk (mo).CD RW uses both technologies of magnetic disk and optical disk.

stands for  digital video disk.DVD uses a laser beam with short wave length .The short wave length can be read small holes on the disk. it can store 17gb of data .its capacity is increased if the hole that are on disk are small in size.
 There are three types of DVD:
1:DVD R 
3 :blue ray  disk .
1:DVD R:stands for digital video disk recordable.IN DVD R the user can read many time but write data only one time at one time.IN DVD R the data that are write by user are not erase and change. Its work is similar to CD R.
2:DVD RW :stands for digital video rewriteable.IN DVD R the user can change and erase data many times at different condition.
3:BLU RAY DISK: it is a new type of DVD. it is more expansive than other type of DVD. its capacity is very higher .it can store 100GB of data .Internet hard drive: some websites are provided on internet are free of cost for the user .USB FLASH Drive: USB  stands for universal serial bus port .USB are used to store data in any type .it can be used to transfer data such as photo ,music and video from one computer to another .its capacity is different in different size.USB flash drive is very commonly used in now days .the capacity of USB drive is 512 to 100GB.
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