How Face Detection Lock Works

             It is an application which verifies or identifies the digital image of a person to unlock the device.
     Face detection lock scans facial features for example distance between the eyes, size of iris, color of retina, facial hair density, face contour etc and then converted all these features into bitmap specification. Saved bitmap specification is used by the algorithm of face recognition with the one created run time mean it is used when you try to unlock your locked mobile phone with your face and allow you to access to your data in mobile.
  • It does not work as well in identifying minorities when technology is tested by using several subjects.
  • It also does not work well in some conditions like in poor light, sunglasses, beards, hats, makeup or other objects which covers the face of a person.
  • It also does not recognize the person's facial expressions, even a big smile also effect the system while recognizing. Canada allows neutral facial expressions in passport photos because of this reason.
   Woody Bledsoe , Helen Chan Wolf and Charles Bisson worked on computer to recognize human face. When in 1966 Bledsoe left PRI (Pacific Research Institute), Peter Hart continued it at Stanford Research Institute.
   A new trend uses visual detail of the skin while capturing the image and this technique is called skin texture analysis. This is the advance form of face detection lock. It captures the unique lines, patterns and spots appears on the skin of a person.
   Another trend called thermal camera is using for face recognition. It is also the most advance form of face recognition system. In this technique camera ignore the objects which covers the face of a person like sunglasses, hats, beards etc. But database for face recognition is limited in thermal picture.
   It is used to unlock the software on mobile phones. It is being used for security system purposes. In Mexico, it was used in presidential election. And this technology could be used as security measures at ATMs, instead of using personal identification or bank card.

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